New Che Bella Nota Cards for the 2017 Holiday Season This Year

The Holidays are still a long way in the future, but I have designed a few fun and beautiful cards early, for the 2017 Holiday season.

I wanted to share some of these with you, even though Spring has just arrived.

Enjoy viewing these special new designs and then come and see all of my Holiday cards

in my Che Bella Nota Shop at







Che Bella Nota Creates Exciting Photo Cards for the Holidays

Che Bella Nota has created some very fun and unique photo cards in which you can place a digital photo of your family, your business employees, another special person or yourself. Merely drop in your photo when asked, as you order your card from my Che Bella Nota Shop at

Samples of some of these outstanding cards for Holidays appear below:


Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday!

Che Bella Nota Offers Custom Personalized Cards for 2015

Come and see a sampling of the new Custom Card possibilities that Che Bella Nota has recently created, offering the ability for you to personalize your cards with Custom Names, Custom Ages or other personalized information unique to the recipients on Holiday Cards for upcoming Holidays this fall.

Take a moment to review some of the fun new choices of Che Bella Nota Custom Cards!

The collection of all available cards can be found in my Che Bella Nota shop on Greeting Card Universe at: